Healing from the planet for the people

Health Care has been and will continue to be a hot topic for some time. Health Care as a political issue, as a for-profit system, and as an entangled web of who is paying for what and who is covered by who - it is enough to throw someone into a health emergency just thinking about it!

I wanted to talk a bit here about lower case health care and what we can do here an now to care for ourselves in non-acute and non-emergent situations. Many readers know I have been pursuing certification in herbalism over the last few years. As you can imagine, adding in a 5th baby and a homestead to manage and 4 other kids to parent, well... it is taking a much slower pace than I would like. But that is ok, I will get there!

As I am working through my program, I would like to start a series of blog posts on taking back our health. One of the beautiful aspects of herbalism is that during the growing season (and year-round if dried), its beauty and healing is all around us and accessible to all. The people's medicine!  The power of herbs is not income-dependent or employer dependent or coverage dependent. Once someone knows some very basic wild-crafting skills and plant identification of even just a few plants, one can begin to immediately reap the benefits of healing through plants.

In the coming weeks I will post on an herb ready for harvest and what you would need to know to harvest and prepare. Feel free to submit ideas to me about something you would like to hear more about or questions you have about the herbs I am highlighting. Looking forward to walking this virtual herbal walk with you!


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