Homemade Itchy-Owie-Boo-Boo Ointment

We made these infusions and salves with the intention of sharing them, um, well, two months ago! And yet here we are actually getting a chance to upload from phone to laptop, then to figure out how to make a you tube channel, then to publish, then to upload to blog. These steps may be simple but it is the 7 million other things happening in our day to day life that made this July video finally arrive in cyber land a wee bit later than I had hoped. But here it is! 

In our excitement to make these videos though, I somehow never managed to actually take any pictures. (But here's a nice picture of a morning mist on a lake from our summer Adirondack camping trip, where lots and lots of this ointment was used!) 

So in lieu of step by step pictures, here are our (almost) step by step videos.  I am not yet tech friendly enough to know how to edit videos and add cute little captions and descriptions in the video itself. In time, people, in time. But for now, I am pretty psyched I figured out how to create a video and then pause it and resume instead of having 10 short clips. (Actually my kids taught me this! And that is basically my plan - as my kids get older they will teach ME all about how to use modern technology. Homeschooling goes both ways. 😉) 

If you have any questions about this process, please ask below in the comments. I am happy to help! 

This salve has come in so very handy all summer. A balm for scrapes, scratches, bee stings, mosquito bites, rashes, etc. Calming a sad little one with a hug, love, and some soothing plant-based 'medicine' is really one of the best feelings ever. 

Happy Healing! 


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